Livestock Commodity Investments

Commodity investments are categorized as either hard (like metals, oil, and other natural resources) or soft, which includes livestock and agricultural products in general.  A unique commodity investment opportunity exists when it comes to herds of rare game due to a continual growth in value. Kolwah Investments has partnered with high-skilled game breeders to guarantee the sustainable breeding of valuable wild game stock.

Livestock Commodities Help Investors Diversify

Investing in rare game offers individuals a one-of-a-kind chance to share in the financial growth of this market sector. Our guaranteed 30% annual return on investment (ROI) option is available for the investors looking for a more stable and secure investment. Financial returns will be paid by lump sum annually into investors prescribed account or the lump sum can be reinvested back into the investor’s portfolio to gain maximum growth on investment.

Based on a minimal investment of R250 000-00 over a 5 years period the investor could reach an astonishing 271.29% return on investment if the investor decides to reinvest his annual dividends. If the investor chooses to receive dividends payout annually the investor could reach a potential 150% return on investment over a period of 5 years. To gain maximum growth on your investment the best option is to reinvest your annual dividends back into your investment portfolio and the investor could exceed the guaranteed 30% annualized investment by R303 233 over a 5 year period.

  • Kolwah Investments and The Partner will enter a minimum contract term of 5 (five) years.
  • Kolwah Investments covers all on-going management expenses, feed, veterinary services, medicines and vaccinations.
  • The Partner will receive a guaranteed 30% return on invest (ROI) annually or the lump sum can be reinvested back into the investor’s portfolio.

Unlike stocks and bonds, rare game are real commodities that you can see, feel, enjoy and be proud of while doing your bit for South Africa’s conservation and biodiversity. Through careful management by expert breeders, your invested commodity will only gain value over time.

Livestock Stocks

To learn how easy it is to start the investment process, view all the details, see photos of some of the types of animals we raise, and take your initial step on the road to being a commodities investor. Our breeders specialize in highly profitable livestock. See how they manage the herds for optimal profit.

Download Your Catalog & Potential Financial Forecast!

The new Kolwah Investment Catalogue is here! Our online investment catalog has been developed to provide you with the very latest information available, right at your fingertips. We offer a standard PDF file for you to download. Click on the “Catalog Image” to save the PDF to your computer.

For detailed financials, please feel free to download the PDF document to examine projected growth rates and expected dividends based upon historical information and past accounting records.