Joint Venture

The joint venture arrangement is one of the most versatile business types, allowing individuals to invest alongside others yet keep their individual identity for purposes of ownership.

Joint Business Ventures Help Investors Diversify

Investing in rare game as a Joint Business Venture offers individuals a one-of-a-kind chance to share in the financial growth of this market sector. A Joint Business Venture option is available for investors who prefer to own their own independent investment. A Joint Ventures is the most common investment option and is based on a progeny split of 50/50 between both genders and The Partner keeps 100% ownership of the specific selected breeding herd.

  • The Partner keeps 100% ownership of the specific selected breeding herd purchased by The Partner
  • Kolwah Investments can assist The Partner by selecting an exceptional breeding herd from a reputable game breeder
  • Kolwah Investments provides all the skills, land, infrastructure, feeding and expertise
  • Kolwah Investments covers all on-going management expenses, veterinary services, medicines and vaccinations
  • Mortalities are managed and replaced by progeny. Insurance is available should The Partner wish to insure his animals through a reputable insurance broker at his own cost
  • The Partner will be allowed to visit his investment by appointment and have access to our lodge at discounted prices
  • The Partner can watch his investment 24/7 with CCTV camera live feeds anywhere in the world by logging into a secure website via your unique username and password.
  • The Partner may have potential tax benefits
  • The Partner will receive quarterly feedback and reporting

Unlike stocks and bonds, rare game are real commodities that you can see, feel, enjoy and be proud of while doing your bit for South Africa’s conservation and biodiversity. A joint business venture in rare game is an effective way for even fractional owners to take part in a growing, lucrative and interesting enterprise.

A Joint Venture Opportunity for Discerning Investors

See photos of some of the types of animals we raise, and take the first step on your road to portfolio diversification. Our breeders specialize in highly profitable livestock. Learn how they manage the herds for optimal profit.

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