Joint Venture Investments

A Joint Venture Investment is available for investors who prefer to own their own independent investment. A Joint Ventures is the most common investment option and is based on a progeny split of 50/50 between both genders and The Partner keeps 100% ownership of the specific selected breeding herd.

Micro Fractional Investments

Kolwah Investments provides prospective investors with the opportunity to invest in Micro Fractional Investments. Micro Fractional Investment option is available for investors who prefer to invest with a minimal investment amount of R50 000. This investment option is based on a 50/50 split ratio between The Investors and Kolwah Investments.

Livestock Commodity Investments

Investing in rare game offers individuals a one-of-a-kind chance to share in the financial growth of this market sector. Our Livestock Commodity Investment option is available for the investors looking for a more stable and secure investment. Financial returns will be paid by lump sum annually into investors prescribed account or the lump sum can be reinvested back into the investor’s portfolio to gain maximum growth on investment.