About Kolwah Investments

Kolwah Investments is a privately owned investment company specializing in exotic and rare game species, which offers our investors exceptional financial returns.

The 550 hectare game farm is situated in Modimolle (Nylstroom) and rests in the heart of the Waterberg region in the Limpopo province, a mere 2 hours drive from Pretoria with abundant wildlife with prolific birdlife – Perfect for the whole family to relax, unwind and absorb the sights, sounds and scents of Africa.

Through Kolwah Game Breeders – a well-established game breeder and subsidiary of Kolwah Investments – you can now participate with us in this industry as private game owner and breeding partner. The breeding partner can now invest in different game species without being involved in the day-to-day management. Kolwah Investments provides all the skills, land, infrastructure, feeding and expertise while producing superior quality animals.

At Kolwah Game Breeders, we partnered with a number of the very top game breeders is South Africa, most of whom have reached record prices for several of their animals on previous auctions. With these existing relationships in place, we can guarantee you entry into a breeding program with superior animals backed by DNA and pedigree over many generations.

From the word go, you become part of the breeding selection process and planning of the breeding program together with Kolwah Game Breeders and our partnered game breeder. By only having to purchase at least the female animals, you get the opportunity to participate in a constantly improving bloodline with the top male animals provided by our partnered game breeders on a seasonal basis. The progeny is divided over both genders, so you take comfort in the fact that you share in the full profit.

Our model is solid and proven, with many investors already enjoying the fruits of their ever increasing herds and frequent visits to their animals at our game lodges for more than a decade. Our participation process is easy and transparent, while our statements and balance sheets are maintained by attorneys and auditors who are highly specialized in the South African game industry. To round it off, you have 24 hour online access to each animal’s live profile on GameLab; so you can stay updated of all the progress, treatment, calvings and identification of your animals.

Kolwah Investments is proud to be part of the rapidly growing game breeding industry. This is a lifestyle investment, which you can see, feel, enjoy and be proud of while doing your bit for South Africa’s conservation and biodiversity.

“Kolwah Investments or its members will not be held liable for any investment decisions based on the financial forecast provided, consult your financial advisor”. Kolwah Investments solely provides a breeding service to our clients that participate in our game breeding programs.

Capital Invested
Portfolio Value

Kolwah Investment Joint Venture Opportunities

A Joint Ventures is the most common investment option and is based on a progeny split of 50/50 between both genders and The Partner keeps 100% ownership of the specific selected breeding herd.

Micro Fractional Investment Opportunities

Micro Fractional Investment option is available for investors who prefer to invest with a minimal investment amount of R50 000.

Livestock Commodity Investment Opportunities

Our Livestock Commodity Investment option is available for the investors looking for a more stable and secure investment.

Why Choose Kolwah Investments?

  • State-of-the-Art breeding facilities and infrastructure
  • Scientifically formulated feed for optimal growth
  • Specialized farm management and breeding expertise
  • Supplementary and nutritional feeding
  • Supply superior quality breeding bull
  • Disease and parasite control
  • Registering and filing of all DNA records
  • Processing and handling of all permits

Kolwah Investments Commitment!

  • Monitoring of all day-to-day activities
  • Kolwah Investments provides all the skills, land, infrastructure, feeding and expertise
  • Salaries to farm manager, farm workers and employees
  • Human resources and employee relations
  • Continuous communication with Investors
  • Documentation and registry to identify all animals through ear tags
  • The Partner will be allowed to visit his investment by appointment

Kolwah Investments Core Values?

At Kolwah Investment we believe that putting our Values into practice creates long-term benefits for our investors, shareholders, customers, employees and the communities we serve. Core values are at the heart of our business as they define who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for!

  • Passion – The passion to perform is the cornerstone of out success
  • Mission – To breed superior bloodlines through meticulously selected genetics
  • Vision – Ensure the long-term conservation of endangered species


Apart from the exceptional (ROI) return on investment; Vleissentraal has reported that the all-in average auction prices of the top five rare game species achieved a growth of 49.14% per annum over the five-year period. The average selling prices of buffalo and sable antelope grew by 540% and 479% respectively, while the comparable returns for the JSE ALSI and DJIA were 14% and 16% respectively.

The market value of the offspring produced over a five-year period will significantly improve the ROI of an investment in high value game. Through the simple price growth comparison above, it is clear that an investment in high value game over the last five years has substantially outperformed the stock markets.

An interview with Norman Adami on Winslyn Kyknet. Norman Adami talks about his vision regarding the lucrative game industry in South Africa and Norman believes the game industry could grow from R15bn to R100bn within the next 10 years. Norman Adami was a former chairman of the SABMiller beer industry.